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Commercial Agencies

In addition to numerous commercial agencies that cover various businesses, Masafat also enjoys good reputation in providing genuine spare parts to different up-grade jets and boats. This field has enabled us to approach a highly precise horizon of work that requires genuine sources with ISO certification. Our spare parts adhere to high standards and made by internationally recognized manufacturers. Our past experience in this field is good proof for our clients satisfaction.

Commercial agency & Franchise
What is the difference between a commercial agency relationship and a franchise?
In a franchise relationship, the franchisee contracts on its own behalf and in its own name but will often pay a percentage or proportion of its turnover to the franchisor. This percentage or proportion is usually in exchange for the use of the franchisor’s name, goodwill or products, so is quite different to a commercial agency relationship
What is the difference between being a sole, exclusive or non-exclusive agent?
A sole agency is when the principal is not able to appoint any other commercial agents to act on its behalf in a specified territory (where the sole agent is authorized to act) but the principal is able to seek customers and to negotiate sales directly for itself.
An exclusive agency is when the agent has the exclusive right to represent the principal in a territory and the principal is prohibited from trying to seek customers and to negotiate sales directly for itself.
A non-exclusive agency is when the principal is free to appoint other commercial agents in the same territory and also, seek customers and sales/transactions itself.
Peter W. Greiss, PMP
VSE Corporation
Project Manager, Federal & Defense Services

Through an FMS project in Iraq, we are actively working with Masafat and we have had the opportunity to work with all of the project managers and field engineers.
Masafat does an excellent job of project leadership and coordination. The communication between our firms has always been good. Their firm is always excellent to work with when problems need to be resolved. The “common sense” approach of communicating and working out solutions is where Masafat truly excels. Masafat is an industry leader when it comes to engineering technical services and has access to numerous resources in the Iraq marketplace.