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We are here at Masafat to help get all your questions answered perfectly, feel free to brows our FAQ section, we look forward you will find the answer to your questions.
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service 93%
timing 94%

At Massafat, we make it our number one priority to ensure you are getting the best service for your needs. That’s why when you take out a contract with us, we will assign you an account manager who will be your sole point of contact within Massafat Co..

Yes, as long as we can easily and safely access your oil storage tank without any obstacles in the way or security measures in place. We should be able to deliver your order without the need for you to be there.

We offer flexible payment terms to suit you, either by direct debit, credit card, cheque, cash or standing order.

We take pride in ensuring the quality of our Carriers. All Carriers are pre-screened and verified before they start carrying your freight. We regularly monitor compliance documentation and review Carrier performance.

Other freight forwarders or logistics company settle and rely on penetration pricing strategies to rapidly win accounts even without realizing its weaknesses. Our company differs by offering competitive and reasonable rates to the market that enables us to still perform at premium services. We compete in such a way that long term views are seen and threats considered, making it a win-win scenario for our clients and customers.

Many of our valued customers view Massafat Co. as a complete supply-chain solution, allowing customers to focus more energy on their core business competencies and enjoy relieving themselves of personnel and administrative hassles. We stand out from our competitors with the ability to reduce costs and freight expenses as well as related management and administrative expenses.

In a franchise relationship, the franchisee contracts on its own behalf and in its own name but will often pay a percentage or proportion of its turnover to the franchisor. This percentage or proportion is usually in exchange for the use of the franchisor’s name, goodwill or products, so is quite different to a commercial agency relationship.

A sole agency is when the principal is not able to appoint any other commercial agents to act on its behalf in a specified territory (where the sole agent is authorized to act) but the principal is able to seek customers and to negotiate sales directly for itself.
An exclusive agency is when the agent has the exclusive right to represent the principal in a territory and the principal is prohibited from trying to seek customers and to negotiate sales directly for itself.
A non-exclusive agency is when the principal is free to appoint other commercial agents in the same territory and also, seek customers and sales/transactions itself.

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